Social Responsibility at WeRema

Our Environmental Care

Our desire is to become a leader in promoting environmentally sustainable practices and products by supporting all stakeholders to achieve excellence in environmental management. We are committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and will always seek to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and applicable standards, codes and guidelines. There has been implementation of policies to control our environmental activities and minimise our environmental footprint.

Protecting Resources for Future Generations

At WeRema, we feel that protecting resources for future generations is not only the right thing, but also our responsibility to do our part. We believe that sustainability is a long journey and commit to meeting our customers wherever they are in their own journey. WeRema will continue to provide sustainable products for all steps along the way, so that our customers can do what's right for.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We conserve natural resources, reduce emissions, invest into energy efficiency, process paper from sustainable forestry, and recycle waste. Hence WeRema has changed its production processes at an early stage.