Innovation at WeRema


WeRema enhancing the quality of life for the patients for just over 15 years by bringing the latest cost-effective and innovative equipment solutions to the healthcare industry.


In order to delivering new and different solutions to our customers, WeRema never stands still. The drive and constant desire for continual improvement is one of our core values. OurR&D Center supports our business through a wide range of initiatives, which leading to our future new business as well.AtR&D Center inWeRema they listen. They have taken on board the voice of finest healthcare professionals, nurses and carers to create designs that exceed patient care expectations. By listening to those in the industry, they are able to develop complete customer satisfaction through our innovative designs. They are aware of the responsibility of the people working in different hospital departments. So, R&D Center at WeRema think of them when they design our medical equipment products. They constantly search for advances in product application technologyto develop new products, produce less waste and deliver what our customers need better, faster and with improved value.