Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To provide quality medical equipment products with superior value to health care providers and end users, improving patient care and enhancing the quality of peoples’ lives through innovative healthcare equipment solutions.

Our Vision

To facilitate World Class Patient Care with the most cost-effective products and valuable solutions for health care providers. 

We take our social responsibility seriously. We are committed to sustainable economy and the protection of man and nature.

Our Values


We will respond quickly and go further than obligated.


We will work closely as a team to achieve the best outcome for our customers and our organisation.


We will have understanding the situations and feelings of others and empathy for the suffering of others.


We will be fair and honest to each other and to our clients, while always delivering on our promises.


We will be true to all commitments and responsibilities.


We will contribute generously to charitable causes.


We will provide an environment where family values are respected.


We will drive a culture of introducing new ideas, equipment and systems.