Proteomics and Dimerix to study new diagnostic test for kidney disease

publishdate:2017-12-21    views:301

Australia-based Proteomics International Laboratories has collaborated with drug company Dimerix to use its PromarkerD test for improving the treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD).


PromarkerD is a predictive and diagnostic test designed to measure a protein biomarker panel in the blood to detect diabetic kidney disease.


Proteomics said that during clinical studies, the test has demonstrated the ability to predict rapid kidney function decline around four years in advance.


The firms will assess the performance of the PromarkerD test with Dimerixs drug therapy candidate DMX-200 in early-phase clinical trials for chronic kidney disease, which usually goes undetected until very advanced stages.


DMX-200 is reported to have indicated promising efficacy profile in a separate Phase IIa trial performed in diabetic kidney disease patients.


PromarkerD is believed to possess the potential to act as a companion diagnostic test (CDx) in clinical trials to aid in evaluation and monitoring of a drugs effectiveness.


Proteomics expects that the test will be used to assess the response of healthy volunteers in Dimerixs ongoing Phase I pharmacokinetic (PK) study being conducted at Linear Clinical Research in Perth, Australia, as well as in its upcoming Phase II programme.


It is anticipated that early disease detection with PromarkerD will enable early intervention with drugs such as DMX-200 and allow delay or prevention of the disease onset.


Dimerix CEO Kathy Harrison said: Having a test which can predict disease progression will undoubtedly be beneficial to both controlling disease and treating it with new drugs like DMX-200.