Getinge and Verb Surgical to develop digital surgical solution

publishdate:2017-12-07    views:241

Scott Huennekens, CEO of Verb Surgical and Mattias Perjos, Getinge CEO. Credit: PRNewsfoto/Verb Surgical Inc.

Swedish firm Getinge has entered a strategic collaboration with US-based start-up Verb Surgical to develop a new surgical platform, Surgery 4.0 or Digital Surgery.

The new solution is set to feature robotics, advanced visualisation and instrumentation, operating room integration, connectivity and data analytics or artificial intelligence (AI).

Through the partnership, Getinge intends to foray into robotic surgery field, allowing Verb Surgical to leverage its experience in healthcare.

Getinge CEO and president Mattias Perjos said: Todays announcement marks a major milestone in Getinges technology efforts in providing our customers with state of the art solutions for their patients.

As a global leader in medical technology, Getinge is proud to partner with Verb to drive research and innovation to change the future of the medical industry and carry on our legacy as a complete solutions provider.

The firms plan to combine Getinges knowledge on instrument reprocessing, operating room (OR) equipment, and IT solutions with Verbs expertise in robotics, instrumentation, visualisation, connectivity and AI.

Verb Surgical president and CEO Scott Huennekens said: We have said since our inception that Verb will be an open platform company, and we want to work with the best technologies and partners in the world in revolutionising the operating room and surgical care.

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